Handmade ceramic tableware

Earthenware for many millennia proves its versatility and usefulness. Its invention stands in line with the invention of the wheel. In our industrial age, handmade ceramic tableware is particularly popular, because each of its samples is unique and it is simply impossible to create absolutely the same another copy.

Ceramic plates are handmade

Plates, like handmade ceramic dishes, are divided into two categories:

  • classic. These products serve as tableware;
  • decorative. With the help of such ceramic tableware decorate the interiors of kitchens of apartments in multi-storey houses or dining rooms in country cottages. The main feature of decorative plates – the presence of a unique ornament.

Create an original design of ceramic plates, as handmade dishes, and provide a high level of hygiene, allows the application of waterproof glaze with a wide range of colors.

Painted plates

Drawings on ceramic dishes – plates – handmade with painting can be made in different thematic directions.

This, for example:

  • folk motifs;
  • original storylines;
  • realistic natural landscapes.

There is one nuance here. When making ceramic dishes – the same plates – are handmade to order, you need to select the design and image so that they do not dissonant with the style of the interior of the room, and vice versa – it is emphasized. Naturally, it is impossible to find such products in mass sales. Such handmade ceramic tableware, sold in the market, is created on an exclusive basis of talented craftsmen.


According to its name, this item of kitchenware is intended for serving sauces. The most convenient diameter of such a handmade item with paintings is 6 … 12 centimeters. The layout, including the drawing, is usually provided by the customer. Not only brown, but also red clay can be used as a raw material for making sauce. And this sample of handmade dishes is covered at one of the final stages of the technological process with food glaze.

Handmade baking moulds

Such kitchen utensils have been popular for many centuries. Modern equipment combined with innovative technologies allowed to establish the production of reliable pottery forms instead of fragile and short-lived containers made of clay, capable of bringing joy to the hostess for more than one year.

Thanks to the introduction of special firing technology, which provides that the baking mould – as in our case – is processed at low temperatures, the final product:

  • does not lose its porous structure;
  • becomes heat-resistant and highly durable.

Meat roasting moulds

One of the rules of culinary art suggests that ceramic dishes, including handmade ones, should be used only for their intended purpose. Thus, a container of any shape is suitable for roasting meat, but always with a lid.

Baking moulds

Ceramic baking moulds produced by industry and custom-made in any region of our country, including Moscow, belong to the category of universal containers.

This means that you can use them in:

  • microwave oven;
  • oven:
  • gas;
  • electric.

Conversely, manufacturers of ceramic tableware of this type are strictly forbidden to install it on:

  • stoves
  • gas burners with open flames

Ceramic mugs handmade

Many people decide to buy a suitable copy of this type of handmade ceramic tableware to give their friend a gift, or to add to their own collection. But there are other reasons for the growing popularity of such products.

Beer mugs

Today the assortment of specialized enterprises includes a wide range of models of beer mugs. But in the capital region, such handmade dishes with an individual logo are in high demand.

As you know, abounds in the number of beer bars, which aggravates competition between them. That’s why we can’t do without creativity in the fight for our customers. And it is precisely the presence of the logo on such handmade ceramic dishes as beer mugs that will lead to recognition (read, popularity) of the institution selling amber drink.

Wine Trophies

The cups will turn the wine tasting into a solemn ceremony. Handcrafted work gives them an unusual character combined with nobility. It is not difficult to buy a wine cup that suits your mentality at a specialized shop. But once you do it, drinking a noble drink from such a container can become your tradition.

The tea sets are handmade

Beautiful, stylish, and at the same time, high-quality ceramic handmade tea ware, which is also easy to buy, will help elegantly serve the festive table. And, in addition, it brings a note of comfort and coziness to the house.

Ceramic coffee sets

In the modern market such products are presented in a wide range. Typically, a coffee set of handmade ceramic tableware, which can be purchased, includes several cups and a Turk.

Ceramic vases handmade

Handmade ceramic dishes can be a luxury item that decorates the interior of the apartment.

Ceramic décor for home

One of the most popular decorations can be attributed:

  • sculptures made of ceramics with flower pots stands;
  • garden figures;
  • figurines, including those with LED backlighting.

People who appreciate beautiful things have a steady demand for such products.